Waist beads have multi purposes and are defintely a Glam with a Purpose must have.The purpose of waist beads have evolved over centuries and offer options to meet your needs. Originated in Africa and traveled through out the country.


Now, waist beads are worn by women from different countries and cultures to celebrate, decorate, confidence building, tracking weight gain and weight loss, body shaping, and at the same time, they also symbolize spirituality, womanhood, protection, wealth, female empowerment, fertility, and sexuality.


  • Maturity and Growth -  In Africa, waist beads were usually used to signify the changes a female body goes through over the years.
  • Intimate Appeal -  Women usually wear waist beads around the waists for seduction. ...
  • Body Shaping -  In western Africa, people use it as an instrument than as a jewel. ...
  • Symbol of Chastity - In western Africa, a virgin will wear waist beads, and during the wedding night, the only person allowed to remove them is her husband, which makes the wedding even more symbolic.


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Waist Beads

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