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Tiger Eye Mala Necklace


Our peace and harmony collection is about positive vibes only. We created beautiful knotted Mala necklaces which are used for meditation.  Mala's are traditionally created with 108 sandalwood beads, natural stones and crystals. Necklace measures apprx 42” – 46” in length with a 4 ¾” silk tassel wrapped with 14k gold filled or Sterling Silver wire. We also added beautiful silver or gold buddha beads and spacers. This necklace is great to layer for an epic look. We also created coordinating bracelets.


This Mala is created with Onyx, Tiger-eye, Sandalwood beads, Champagne Crystals, gold buddha and spacers. 


  • Onyx is not only used for protection, but also as defense against negativity consciously directed towards you. 
  • Tiger Eye Increases confidence, helps to recognize talent and faults. Inspires you to accomplish goals.     ;
  • Sandalwood beads are traditionally used for meditation with their soothing aroma and are believed to bring clear perception to the wearer.