Our beautiful knotted Mala necklaces which are used for meditation.  Mala's are traditionally created with 108 sandalwood beads, natural stones and crystals. Necklace measures apprx 42” – 46” in length with a 4 ¾” silk tassel wrapped with 14k gold filled or Sterling Silver wire. We also added beautiful silver buddha beads and spacers. This necklace is great to layer for an epic look. 


Mala is created with Howlite, Lapis Lazuli, Silver Crystals, Sandalwood beads, silver buddha and spacers.   

  • Lapis Lazuli is perfect for clearing away emotional baggage. Beautiful deep blue in color, Lapis is a symbol of wisdom and truth. Use this stone to enhance your memory and help relieve anxiety.   
  • White Howlite increases memory and desire to learn. Expands horizons and opens the mind to new knowledge. Improves memory and facilitates learning. Fights overactive minds and insomnia.
  • Sandalwood beads are traditionally used for meditation with their soothing aroma and are believed to bring clear perception to the wearer. 

Lapis Lazuli & White Howlite Mala Necklace

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