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Natural Body Products
Natural Body Lotion

Looking for the Leading Natural Body Products Online?

At Lilly Rose Essentials, we craft all-natural self-care products to create your best self.

To care for your body, Lilly Rose Essentials offers –

  • Body Oils - 4 Oz Travel Size - a year-round oil that nourishes with a light scent. It is also a great alternative to more traditional perfumes.

    • Shimmer – Sun-Kissed Body Oil

    • Cherry Blossom Body Oil

    • Peaceful Lavender Body Oil

    • White Tea & Ginger Body Oil


Plus, these other soaps, scrubs, and balms -

Please reach out to Lilly Rose via our online contact form or email. Lilly Rose Essentials’ shipping and return policies can be viewed on our website.

In addition, all of our products are natural – with all ingredients listed online. Lilly Rose offers a no-question return or exchange within ten days of purchase.

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