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Handmade Natural Soap

Lilly Rose Essentials Offers All-Natural Soap and Handmade Soap Products

Welcome to Lilly Rose Essentials – your source for all-natural self-care. We offer a variety of amazing self-care products that have been handcrafted with love as well as natural ingredients –

  • Handmade Soap or Body Bars – offers for individual purchase or a set of 3 handmade soap bars -

    • Au Naturale Soap Bar – an unscented nourishing cleanser that is perfect for all skin types.

    • Merlot Soap Bar – a luxurious formulated bar of body soap that is made with buttermilk and rose clay.

    • Vetiver Soap Bar – this scented, earthy, natural soap is designed to soothe men’s skin to help avoid ingrown hairs, but women also find it helpful.

    • Turmeric Soap Bar – this handcrafted soap is formulated to help with a variety of multiple skin conditions, including dark spots and acne.

    • Moringa Soap Bar – made with Moringa, which boosts collagen, reducing wrinkles or fine lines.

    • Peaceful Lavender Soap Bar – this scented soap offers a relaxing yet re-energetic cleanser.

Lilly Rose Essentials also offers the following crafted self-care products that help to meet both physical and spiritual needs. –

Have a question about Lilly Rose Essentials? Please use our convenient online contact form or email to reach out. Lilly Rose Essentials’ shipping and return policies are available online. Lilly Rose offers a no-question return or exchange within ten days of purchase.

In addition, all of our products are natural – with all ingredients listed online. We also offer a free shipping option for all orders more than $75.

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