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Handmade Lip Scrub
Natural Body Scrubs

The Best in Lip Care – Including Natural Body Scrubs

Lip Scrub Collection, designed to address your skin concerns and boost skin health. Achieve healthy lips through shopping our delightful range, including coconut, watermelon, grape, blueberry, and pineapple lip scrubs. Each scrub is packed with benefits, featuring ingredients like ultra-fine white sugar for gentle exfoliation, candelilla wax for moisture-locking, lanolin for added softness, and sunflower oil for nourishment. Embrace the vitamin E goodness for an extra boost of care. Let's start an engaging conversation about lip care and the path to irresistibly healthy lips!

In addition, LillyRoseCreations offers these other, all-natural quality self-care products, which are available for pickup instore.

Please contact LillyRoseCreations by using our convenient online contact form or email to reach out. LillyRoseCreations shipping and return policies are available online, and instore pickup.

Subscribe or follow LillyRoseCreations (lilyrose_bodycare) on Instagram or Facebook for our updates and special offers.

In addition, all of our products are natural – with all ingredients listed online.

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