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Handmade Lip Care
Handmade Lip Balms

LillyRoseCreations Handmade Lip Care Include Lip Scrubs, Lip Balms, Body and Massage Oils, etc.

LillyRoseCreations, Lip Care Collection is a must-see for those seeking natural solutions for their lip care needs. Dive into a world of product benefits with our unflavored lip balm, carefully crafted with ingredients like candelilla wax and shea butter, ensuring healthy lips for you. Shopping here means embracing a vegan option that's kind to your skin. Engage in a conversation with your lips as you explore our cinnamon and honey-infused lip balms, fostering healthy lips through the power of coconut oil and sunflower oil. And for those with a sweet tooth, our chocolate and black cherry tinted lip balms not only deliver beautiful shades but also the nourishing touch of lanolin and vitamin E. Join us for the ultimate lip care experience!

  •  Lips Balms

    • Unflavored

    • Mint

    • Coconut

    • Cream

    • Honey - Tinted Gold

    • Cinnamon - Tinted Copper
    • Chocolate - Tinted Brown
    • Black Cherry - Tinted Pink


  • Lip Scrubs - .25 Oz.

    • Coconut Lip Scrub

    • Pineapple Lip Scrub

    • Grape Lip Scrub

    • Blueberry Lip Scrub

    • Watermelon Lip Scrub

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Would you like to speak with a staff member at LillyRoseCreations? Please contact LillyRoseCreations using our convenient online form or by email. LillyRoseCreations policies regarding shipping and return can be reviewed online on our website. In addition, each of LillyRoseCreations self-care products is designed as all-natural – with each ingredient listed online.

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